A world full of opportunities New Mindset

Newtonian physics (that of matter) is insufficient to innovate and create sustainable solutions. It results in hidden costs, conflicts between parties, harming the environment – in other words, it results in a collective dissatisfaction.

Our research (led in the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech) allowed us to considerably reduce these unwanted effects. The quantum world has been discovered a century ago. Unfortunately, while focusing on technique, many forget to adapt their capacities (soft skills) and consciousness to this new paradigm. Technique remains faulty, everyone suffers, and so does the Earth.

On every level, the living world is organized and complex. Even we are part of this world. In order to think in a sustainable way, we need to adapt our consciousness to this complexity – this will allows us to create sustainable solutions.

If you want to embody your expertise, to become a pioneer of change, to seize the deep meaning behind a B corporation, GreenBiz 5.0.™ will help you develop a new Mindset.

GreenBiz 5.0.™ is a nine-month programme that transforms you, using both a training with a three-session common core and a specific individual guidance. In 9 months, you learn to perceive, understand and apply ecological efficiency.

  • In 7 steps during the first seminar, you will learn to use your intuition in order to perceive the energy that characterizes each object. You perceive weak signals, opportunities, incoherences … You learn to use a holistic approach (objects, actors, bounds, temporalities, etc) instead of a compartmentalized one. You perceive an enriched reality that has no limits.
  • During the second seminar, you learn to visualize, to identify with your product or system, to act on interdependencies, and to get rid of chaos. Incoherences and take-back effects appear – other solutions emerge. You train to perceive externalities, to put to advantage the positive ones and to reduce the negative ones. Your economic, environmental and social consciousness takes a step forward.
  • During the third seminar, you undergo one of the first rules of quantum physics. You become aware of the way mind works, creates and transforms the future. The levers that enable you to create economic, environmental and societal value become obvious. You visualize and measure the secondary effects, the links as well as the objects, the chains. You learn to control the evolution of the intangible capital (human, structural, relational) that your solution will generate in 3, 10 or even 100 years. You learn to get rid of oppositions, take-back effects, to gather the stakeholders and bring harmony. You can anticipate any malfunction to come. You discover how to control reality and guide your solution toward a desirable future.

To develop our five senses and foster the integration of the systemic and environmental conscience on which the living lies, our seminars take place in an exceptional natural setting.

Thanks to our technological devices, you can perceive information and act way beyond the prerequisites of the Carbon Accounting, the SRI or ISO 26000 norms, as well as those of the CSR or ESG tools. Your perception, your capacity to act empower you with an ability to innovate that overcomes all the current methods of innovation.

The sustainable world needs a new Mindset. Everything needs to be created. Greenbiz 5.0.™ forms the professionals of the sustainable development, the SRI, the CSR… who want to create a new and virtuous economic paradigm, and to learn to create a desirable future. This programme uses the scientific revolutions of the past fifty years. It speeds up the development of the individual and collective conscience so that the sustainable firm can arise.

With GreenBiz 5.0.™, you learn the art of consultation and innovation based on a new Business Model, you make your decision knowing all the information you need. You become an agent for change. You are ready to create a firm that respects both Humans and Nature.

Heart and courage have the same root