[ Entreprise 5.0™ ]

SpECIAL ADVISORY SERVICES  :nothing is impossible !


Entreprise 5.0™ offers solutions to rapidly meet results on Nonstandard projects. 

We achieve for you what no one else dares to attempt. 

Winning a big contract, developing a project in a situation of uncertainty, calming a conflict, getting out of a strategic risk… Anything is possible. 

We manage with you non-standard corporate missions in France or abroad. To achieve this, we combine the mastery of emerging sciences, traditional management practices and André Gessalin’s non-standard capabilities.  You will emerge even stronger with an exceptional ROI. 

“My talent is to remotely perceive hidden information and solve highly sensitive issues. 
Opportunities, sustainable solutions, future risks, general functioning, dysfunctions of systems, organizations or individuals are quickly accessible to me.
Alone or with a team, I can immediately provide an efficient and very profitable response”
André Gessalin

  • Ultrafast
  • Rigor
  • Quickly measurable results
  • All over the world
  • Ultra-efficient
  • Organization 7/7
  • Total Flexibility
  • French, English, German

For projects that matter to you, ask the impossible

Course of mission

  • First, you describe your challenge and its concrete consequences.
  • We specify together the aim and contours of the mission, the expected result, the duration… etc.
  • I then carry out remote tests to confirm my perceptions.
  • We decide on the best strategy, process and technological tools 
  • Alone or in a team, we intervene with the most appropriate support tools
  • At the end of the mission, I validate by the same tests the evolution obtained and give you the results.
  • We debrief together the concrete result at the end of the mission

Be sure that I am fully committed to you.

Yours faithfully,
André Gessalin

Former CEO, researcher at the Ecole des Ponts in Paris, and professor at the ESCP Business School.
Former head of the CJD (an organization that supports ethics in the corporate world)