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Dear client, partner, fellow,

Above all, I hope that you and your family are well.

Lack of energy, need of a second wind, unusual stress ? Don’t think twice about spreading the word or benefiting from our free offer.

Emotions hint at your level of energy and your level of risk : green or red ?

As long as emotions remain positive and stable (green sign), everyone keeps one’s lucidness to seize the opportunities that are coming. The more positive the energy is, the less one runs the risk to fall sick. On the contrary, exhaustion, stress, anger, fear, and other destabilizing emotions attract viruses, illnesses, and professional hardships (red sign). Most importantly, exhaustion, stress and negative emotions prevent the good functioning of the major organs – lungs, kidneys, heart, respiratory system …

Getting a full mentoring before the series of efforts dangerously makes the immunity drop, disturbs one’s capacity to discern, and threatens the economic activity, can prove to be the quickest, safest and most profitable solution.

My talent as an integral coach is to remotely perceive the general functioning and the physical, emotional or mental malfunctioning of individuals, so that I can provide a suited solution at once.

  • Ultrafast
    you can perceive the results by the first session.
  • Rigorousness
    ante / post tests.
  • Full mentoring
    physical, emotional, mental and spiritual one.
  • Ultra Profitable
    you widen your greatness area.
  • Daytime price
    145€/h. Additional charge outside of these hours and on weekends – Package deals.
  • Extraordinary organization
    • Flexible duration from 30min to 2h.
    • 7/7 agenda, from 7h30 to midnight.
    • Easiness : over the phone.
    • Flexibility : wherever you want.
  • French, English, German

For your beloved ones or yourself, I offer a free session.
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What happens in a typical session ?

  • First, I do about forty remote tests in order to confirm my perceptions.
  • Then, I choose the best strategy and use the tools that suit you the most so that I can guide you in the best way possible.
  • At the end of each session, I get confirmation of your evolution using the same tests and give you the results.

Be sure that I am fully committed to you.

Yours faithfully,
André Gessalin

Remote therapist-coach
Member of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) and of the Lab-RH (a French organization that promotes innovation in Human Resources)
Former CEO, researcher at the Ecole des Ponts in Paris, and professor at the ESCP Business School.
Former head of the CJD (an organization that supports ethics in the corporate world)

A mentoring does not replace medical advice, but completes it.