Deep Coaching

Guided course Find your full capacity within 3 months

For what goal ?


  • To take on responsibilities
  • To succeed in one’s professional evolution
  • To awaken one’s potential
  • To overcome failure
  • To improve one’s interpersonal skills
  • To manage one’s strategic transformation
  • To manage one’s digital transformation
  • To overcome a thwarted project


  • To free oneself from addiction
  • To rise beyond the glass ceiling (for women)
  • To prevent a burnout
  • To fix the family legacy
  • To help during the sickness
  • To let a family secret out
  • To change one’s life
  • To free oneself from repetition compulsion


  • Accuracy
  • Quick results
  • Rigorous ante / post tests
  • Adjusted to each profile
  • Flexible place
  • Flexible schedule
  • Highly profitable

My 5 assets to guide you

  1. My ability to intuitively perceive things.
  2. Remote rigorous measurement tools to confirm my intuitive perception.
  3. An integrative method based on the last scientific discoveries in epigenetics, quantum physics, neurosciences, on intuition, therapies, shiatsu and on coaching.
  4. A thorough knowledge of the corporate world :
    1. I worked 18 years abroad in the operational branch, including 6 years as a CEO.
    2. I have been a teacher and researcher for 10 years in Management and Sustainable Development Economy.
    3. I have created firms.
  5. Rigorous ethics and non-disclosure.


  1. 10 sessions from 90 min
  2. An ongoing remote help
  3. Acting simultaneously on :
    1. Mental Intelligence
    2. Emotional Intelligence
    3. Body Intelligence
    4. Spiritual Intelligence (the Senses matter)
    5. … and, depending on the circumstances, the mission statement of the firm




12 to 15 weeks


French / English


on request

A guidance does not replace doctors’ advice, it completes them.