Deep Coaching

Emergency1 goal = 1 session

Even the best people sometimes need support.

For what goal ?

  • A contract to sign
  • An important meeting
  • A conflict to solve
  • A hard negotiation
  • Unpleasant news
  • A strategic meeting
  • A presentation
  • A recruitment to finish
  • A decision to make
  • The loss of a huge contract
  • A difficult personal issue
  • etc…


  • Accuracy
  • Quick results
  • Rigorous ante / post tests
  • Adjusted to each profile
  • Flexible place
  • Flexible schedule
  • Highly profitable

My 5 assets to guide you

  1. My ability to intuitively perceive things.
  2. Remote rigorous measurement tools to confirm my intuitive perception.
  3. An integrative method based on the last scientific discoveries in epigenetics, quantum physics, neurosciences, on intuition, therapies, shiatsu and on coaching.
  4. A thorough knowledge of the corporate world :
    1. I worked 18 years abroad in the operational branch, including 6 years as a CEO.
    2. I have been a teacher and researcher for 10 years in Management and Sustainable Development Economy.
    3. I have created firms.
  5. Rigorous ethics and non-disclosure.


  1. Make the appointment by indicating your motive (documents, photographs or potential information) and your availability.
  2. We will offer you an appointment before the end of the day.
  3. Telephone appointment.

Waiting time

A third of the appointments occurs within 24 h, including on weekends.

However, it can take more time depending on the importance of the emergency, on the clarity of the description of the situation, on the questions asked, and on the time needed to prepare the appointment.


French / English


We offer you a fee depending on how high the stakes are, on the importance of the emergency, and on the required amount of preliminary work.