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Why is it necessary to develop the level of consciousness in an enterprise ?

In an enterprise, the higher the individuals’ level of consciousness is, the better the synergy between them, and the stronger the creation of value.

According to me, what is consciousness ?

The consciousness is a kind of reaction to any object. It starts with our capacity to perceive the material and immaterial world. It goes on with our cognition and copies out on our concrete fulfilments. In other words, the consciousness allows us to handle all the parameters of reality.

The quality of perception and the comprehension of reality and action are directly linked to the development of each of our four main intelligences – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – to their balance and synergy.

What is the level of consciousness ?

The only sign of our level of consciousness are our deeds and their consequences.

The higher the level of consciousness goes, the more accurately the result of our short, mid and long-term deeds corresponds to our thoughts. It is the only condition for the enterprises and individuals to constantly develop and to overcome constraints, whatever they are.

How can you develop your level of consciousness ?

Meditation allows you to rest your mind in order to focus and reach at some point a high level of consciousness. By meditating one hour per day, 27 years (10 000 hours) would be needed to significantly rise up the level of consciousness. Our Deep Training and GreenBiz trainings deeply shorten this period of time. With our Deep Coaching guided course, 10 sessions are enough to deeply develop your level of consciousness. Within 3 months, individuals and organizations are able to create more value for the professional and / or personal life.

From the largest to the smallest size, any object, living being, or enterprise contains an energy with a unique hallmark.

This hallmark represents a large amount of substantial information. All this information can be perceived by our senses and our mind, and then be processed by our consciousness.

The more the conscience expands, the more capacities we get to perceive information, act and innovate.

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André Gessalin

I have built a unique knowledge to guide those who want to become agents for change.


A Quality Management MBA in Japan

In 1986, I went to Japan to study an MBA and discover the Japanese culture in Quality Management. On the first day, Doctor Morita – the dean of the university and one of the greatest Japanese economists – welcomed me and told me “You, French people, you are rationality world champions, but you forgot about the rest – the holistic thought …. and Intuition. Use your stay to discover that and bring it back to the French decision-makers”.

Gradually, I realized that another and non-Cartesian logic exists, a more flexible one. I got back to France enriched by this other perception of the world – the energy of the Tao, the simplicity of the Zen, Eastern medicine, holism, the concept of efficiency … it is all calling me. I came back knowing the close link between Quality Management research and sustainable development.

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In Enterprise 5.0.™, we are convinced that those who fully master their skills and respect themselves as much as they respect others, can spread performance and well-being around them.