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1001 Opportunities to reinvent the Business

People & Company Efficiency

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75% of companies’ value now comes from the intangible and invisible assets. 

However, companies still manage opportunities, risks, trust, creativity, relation between intangible and tangible and all intangible assets with traditional norms, process, methods designed for the material economy. 

Obviously, this hardly works.

ENTREPRISE 5.0 offers an excellent Methodology to manage both tangible and intangible assets. 
Our tailor-made offer is declined in consulting, training and coaching.

Entreprise 5.0 combines emerging sciences in physics, chemical, epigenetics, traditional management practices, therapy, coaching  and Intuition to make eternal performance

Intuition immediately provides information with high added value for high performance achievements. 

Deep Coaching

People & Company Efficiency with a powerful and quick remote mentoring.

Using an integral coaching method, I offer to help anyone or any organization grow quickly in a profitable and comfortable way.

Inspired by epigenetics, quantum physics, therapy, intuitive theories and by our research on management, the Deep Coaching method allows anyone to adapt to one’s personal / professional environment and to excel in it.

  Choose an approach :

Well-being, Confidence, Performance. You have the right to experience them.
Free your potential !

Deep Training

Transform your skills to create value.

Master one’s intuition allows one to acquire new skills.

Thanks to an enriched reality, you can maximize your individual as well as your collective functioning in order to create more value.

At any time, you are acting, innovating and developing your firm to act more efficiently.

Develop your soft skills in :

  • Selling
  • Innovation
  • Management
  • Risk management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Transforming the individual and the firm

Our ambition :

Cheerful individuals working in effective and sustainable companies.


With GreenBiz 5.0.™, you learn the art of consultation and innovation based on a new Business Model, … You are ready to create a firm that respects both Humans and Nature.

You make decisions knowing all the information you need. You become an agent for change.

Enriched with 30 years of research and experience regarding energy, environment, and sustainable cities, GreenBiz 5.0.™ forms the pioneers of change.

Who links together saves resources and improves performance and well-being.

In Enterprise 5.0.™, we are convinced that those who fully master their skills and respect themselves as much as they respect others, can spread performance and well-being around them.