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Sustainable transformations
of the individual and the company

Changing to change the business

Deep Coaching

Reconciling Spirit and Matter

Many coaching sessions focus on simple issues of an economic nature (e.g. new organisation). Other issues have a deeper dimension. With the need for sustainable and societal innovation and suffering in companies, it is even necessary to transform oneself. However, 70% of transformations are failures; this observation has not changed since the first analysis in 1980. That is why we have invested heavily in research; on the one hand to analyse the 30% that are successful and on the other hand to develop integrative, rapid and profitable transformation methods.

We have developed a powerful and adaptable method of Deep Coaching based on epigenetic, quantum and intuitive theories as well as our research in management.

This method acts simultaneously on:

  • Mental Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Intelligence of the Physical Body
  • Spiritual Intelligence and the question of Meaning

… and depending on the circumstances, the purpose of the company.

It has been proven that each of the four Intelligences has an impact on performance, innovation, health and well-being. By simultaneously developing these four dimensions, you reveal unsuspected capabilities that quickly pay for your time. Your level of awareness is rising and allows you to better perceive the issues, understand them, adapt to them, innovate and positively influence those around you. You are ready to build the company of today and tomorrow.

At Entreprise 5.0™, we are convinced that the creation of innovative and sustainable solutions begins with internal alignment, self-respect and the deployment of all our capacities.

Personal & Professional Development

  • Rebound in the face of failure
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Strategic transformation
  • Addictions
  • Soft skills development
  • Adaptability
  • Toxic relationships
  • Digitalization of the company
  • Symptoms of exhaustion
  • Frustrated ambition, failures
  • Family pathologies
  • Family Secrets
  • Repetitive patterns

Deep Coaching on request or on guided tours

Deep training

Why go 5.0?


To innovate and create value in an uncertain, complex and immaterial world, Enterprise 5.0™ trains you to perceive a multidimensional reality that allows you to anticipate and control developments. We share with you knowledge about unexplored abilities and the power of the human being. They will allow you to create the new company and truly innovative solutions. After the techno-centric, dehumanized, criticized company, version 2.0, 3.0 then 4.0, the company 5.0 becomes again a human, profitable, positive adventure that creates technologies and solutions controlled by women and men.

Epigenetics, Quantum, Intuition…science unveils new capacities of evolution for the individual every day. They make it possible to perceive and control the levers of intangible capital (human, structural, links) and to create sustainable solutions. The power of Human and Collective Innovation exceeds all expectations. The economic, environmental and societal result can be transformed and make it possible to satisfy all stakeholders in a sustainable way.

To support you in this change, we have developed a range of training courses based on the study of outstanding decision-makers. By quickly developing your soft skills and intuition, your consciousness evolves. The more it evolves, the more you develop the collective consciousness in your company. Together, you will discover how to innovate without limits and develop sustainable solutions. In a team, you learn to lead the company towards a sustainable, humane and respectful future.

Our training courses are articulated on
sur three levels

1st level (2 days)


In this 100% operational course, our intuition training method trains you to activate your 5 senses to perceive and characterize the thousands of weak signals (opportunities, risks, lies…), to combine them to inform your decisions.

With logic & intuition, make better and faster decisions.

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2nd level


“Big picture” and links. Like a master of martial arts, you learn to immediately perceive a situation and all the links between objects. Your ability to concentrate allows you to capture all the information you need to overcome uncertainty, complexity and innovation.

Like the master, you will act with discernment without effort.

3rd level


At this level, you will discover how to eliminate resistance, uncertainty and combine the power of the individual, the collective and the technological. After activating intuition, increasing the capacity for concentration, developing your consciousness, you will be able to control interdependencies, anticipate and lead towards a successful, humane and sustainable company. Thought creates reality; create your own.

Objective: create value without limitation

Our ambition: fulfilled individuals in successful and sustainable companies

Deep talk

To inspire your customers, federate your partners, trigger a collective momentum of your employees towards breakthrough innovation and a human, efficient and sustainable company, our conferences represent an excellent way to get to the heart of the matter quickly.

Based on specific examples, robust references and factual experiences, André Gessalin proposes an active pedagogy to unleash energy, learn about the methods of the best decision-makers, and understand the current Mindset change.


Change of Mindset The one that connects, saves resources and creates efficiency!

Heart and courage have the same root. If you want to embody your expertise to become a pioneer of change or appropriate the deep meaning of a company with a mission, GreenBiz 5.0™ helps you develop both. We offer you a common core and a specific program designed for you alone. You will learn to no longer limit your thinking in order to control your externalities before all others, to value those that are positive now, to strongly reduce those that are negative and that will later appear in everyone’s eyes. To create economic, environmental and social value, you have to perceive, feel and visualize all the secondary effects, sequences and benefits that your solution will generate in 3, 10 and 100 years. Eliminating resistance, rebound effects, systemic flaws, activating economic, environmental and societal levers, creating intangible capital (human, structural, relational) goes beyond the descriptive framework of the Carbon Footprint, SRI standards, ISO26000, CSR tools, ESG, Design Thinking ambitions. As you know, to innovate and invent sustainable business, you have to be free and confident, open your heart and deflate your fears.

To help you create the sustainable world, we share our expertise in perceiving and measuring new parameters, links as well as objects, and creating new units of measurement. The sustainable world requires a change of Mindset. We must accept the multi-dimensionality that quantum physics demonstrates, develop individual and collective consciousness so that sustainable enterprise emerges. Consciousness controls actions, thoughts and therefore the future. To develop your consciousness, you will first learn to increase your ability to perceive to characterize the non-normative. Our program is based on the scientific revolutions of the past 50 years. It prepares professionals in sustainable development, SRI, CSR… to steer towards a desirable future.

GreenBiz 5.0™ is a 9-month program that combines 3 training sequences and individual support. From the first seminar, you learn to mobilize your intuition, perceive weak signals, opportunities, lies… You learn to move from a compartmentalized approach to a holistic approach (objects, actors, links, temporalities, etc.) to perceive an enriched, unlimited reality.

Thanks to our technological devices and methods, your consciousness develops and perceives unsuspected dimensions. You know how to visualize, identify yourself with your product or system, act on interdependencies, eliminate chaos. Discontinuities and rebound effects appear; other solutions emerge. The levers for creating economic, environmental and societal value are becoming clear.

At the end of the training, you know how to gather and create harmony with stakeholders, anticipate any future dysfunction. You can control reality and drive your solution towards a desirable future.

With GreenBiz 5.0™, consultation, innovation, new business modelyou decide in full possession of all current and future information. You become an actor of change to build a company that respects Man and Nature, mobilizing both inside and outside the company.

With 30 years of research and experience in energy, environment and sustainable cities, GreenBiz 5.0™ trains change agents.

Performance, well-being, confidence...
What thematic would you like to improve?

For all those who wish to support the company towards a humane, efficient and sustainable world.

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Entreprise 5.0™

Perceive with Intuition to create more value

Two-day seminar


For investors, leaders, economists, Intangible Capital (human, structural and relational) represents approximately 75% of the value of companies. Non-tangible, it is often excluded from the company’s balance sheet and management indicators. The best decision makers are excellent at managing it to create a lot of value. And unfortunately, those who do not know how to manage it run the risk of no longer being able to create value.

When you perceive this capital, you can evaluate it and decide if it creates value for you. Once the value has been identified, your immediate decision frees your mind to create other values on other projects, and your decision-making and execution speed sets you apart from your competitors.


Those who must decide, manage people, innovate, negotiate, invest and all those who seek to improve personal and collective performance


  • Adapt your management to the immaterial, uncertain, complex, volatile, ambiguous world (VUCA)
  • Identify best practices for value creation
  • Learning to make decisions in situations of uncertainty


  1. I reconnect to the Intuition that was sleeping inside me
  2. I multiply my ability to perceive information
  3. I quickly perceive a large amount of information
  4. I perceive the emotions of my partners or a whole group
  5. I identify flaws in reasoning and lies
  6. I can make decisions without data in an uncertain environment
  7. I have a Intuition development method to progress alone
  8. I diagnose my comfort zone of intuitive perception
  9. I know how to use intuition for a professional decision
  10. I know the scientific basis of the last 50 years on Intuition, perception, consciousness


2-day residential seminar
Timetable: 9am – 6.30pm


  • The Intuition & Performance method™ ; composed of concepts and tools that are immediately operational
  • A training focused on practical cases, alone, in pairs and in groups
  • Individualized follow-up and sharing of experiences
  • NB: each participant brings a professional situation (question to be solved) on which he will practice individually, in pairs and in groups

Discernment is the ability to perceive, to identify what is right


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